Thursday, September 20, 2007

2nd Month

Can you all believe it?? Rylen is already 2 months! I am simply in shock. I looked at him this morning while he was eating and thought... "My goodness, he is getting HUGE!" Of course, he is now the typical size of a newborn, but this little critter has definitely not wanted to stay a runt. As of this morning, Rylen weighed a whopping 9lbs and 14oz. He has been the joy of my mornings, afternoons, and evenings... aside from some days when he is crankier than usual, he is really a very good baby. We haven't had to deal with any colic and it seems that the scary reflux mucousy spit-up is gone! He is still sleeping in the car seat next to my side of the bed, just in case, and a lot for mommy's piece of mind. I definitely get better sleep not wondering if he will all of a sudden have another episode. I am thinking he will be able to transition to the pack-n-play fairly soon... though i really like waking up periodically and just peering beside the bed to see him sleeping. Like i said, this is probably more of a mom issue. HA!

We will be having his 2 month appointment next week and see how he is progressing. He is already really smiling and interacting with us. Rylen and I have our morning smile, gurgle, "ooooo" and "Ahhh" sessions as we disucss the days events and the dreams we had the night before. He is also giving us a fairly predictable schedule. He eats about every three to four hours and then will go for a long sleep at night from 5-6 hours (which is technically sleeping through the night) and then back to a 3 hour session before the day begins. So, we are doing better at night. I am simply loving being a mom. Attached is Rylen's official announcement that I had created the week he was born, but never got around to sending it out until now.... chalk it up to sleep deprivation.... Also here are some new pictures of the squirt and his adoring mom and dad as well as his new 2 month picture. I hope you all enjoy! I am hoping to put together a short little video to send soon with some of his milestones. I will keep you all posted with the happenings.

On a side note, my arthritis has reared its ugly head the past couple of weeks and has peaked this week. It is not pleasant and I was hoping this would hold off until I stopped breastfeeding. The arthritis tends to go into remission during pregnancy and it did for me. I have not been on medication since October. But as of this week, I am finding it almost impossible to move around a lot. Burping Rylen is very painful trying to get him up to my shoulder and I tend to have to burp him on my lap. I am typically deciding which floor to be on these days as walking up and down the stairs makes me cringe. I am going to see a holistic doctor tomorrow in hopes that supplements and nutrition can help with what is going on in my body. My fear is that I will have to go back on my medicine and stop breastfeeding him. Please keep this in your prayers. I have asked for so long for healing and at times it comes, but never a complete healing. This is hard to understand. I simply want to love and care for the beautiful miracle that God has put in our lives. Maybe that is the miracle that we get and this disease is my own thorn. I don't know, but i will continue to ask for complete healing and I ask that you all pray for this as well.

Thank you all for your love and support. I hope very soon to see many of you when we come home for the holidays. Rylen will be so excited to meet all the new faces.

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