Saturday, November 3, 2007

4th Month

Wow! Can you believe it??!! Our precious little tiny boy is a whopping 4 months old! He has grown so much over the past 4 months. I look at him and am amazed. He has the most adorable smile that he beams constantly and an energetic personality that wears me out just to watch him kick and swing his arms. He loves to get it going in high-gear with an added smile when Robby or I walk up to him and he catches our eye.

A week ago Rylen had his first roll-over attempt. Though he has rocked from side to side some before, Rylen had never quite made the effort to roll-over. Then, all of a sudden, he half-way rolled over the other night when Robby put him to bed. His top half rolled to the side, but he hadn't quite figured out how to flip his hips over. With much grunting, though, he did manage to get his top half back on his elbows, which i thought was quite impressive, and then grunted and cried until we settled him back down to sleep. Not but two days later he made the full roll-over and quite shocked himself to be looking at a different view. He has since made the complete roll from tummy to back another handful of times still with the same surprised look on his face. He has become so much more vocal now too. When out in public he is this shy contemplative little boy with curious eyes everywhere. But get him at home and he is a mile a minute just chattering up a storm. He also doesn't want to be sitting for anything. He wants to constantly be standing and looking around. I have a feeling this boy will not be crawling long before he is up on his feet and running! We better start house-proofing NOW! :)

On a more personal note...

As of today, I have officially weaned him to formula. That emotional roller-coaster was so much harder than i thought it was going to be. Even now, I pain to know that i had to do it. I took a full month to completely wean him which is amazing that i made it again another month with breastfeeding! We can obviously do what we set our minds and hearts to. A lot of this month's success was definitely due to Robby's help during the night and the week of help from my parents. I know he will be healthy, but i do miss the connection that we had. Rylen will still get one bottle of breastmilk a day for another month that I have stored up in the freezer. So, i am happy that he will receive a total of 5 months in some way shape or form. I must say that overall i do feel much better than i did a month ago (with some areas being a little worse, ie my finger and knees) but I know that i can't continue on this path without doing something more with the arthritis. So, I have begun my detox to see if that will help with the symptoms. Please keep this process in your prayers. I continue to pray every night for God's miraculous healing, but sometimes our answers come in other forms and I am open to whatever answer is in his will.

Robby, Rylen and I will also be traveling home to Indiana for the holidays on the 15th of November and are very excited to see family and to show off our adorable little boy. We took him to get his first Thanksgiving pumpkin last weekend and he was definitely intrigued by all the orange balls everywhere.

We also added to our elephant herd this halloween and Rylen was the new addition! I'm not sure what kind of therapy he may need after that costume! ha!

So, for the record, our little pumpkin is now 13 lbs and 23 inches long. He is sitting with support and jabbering up a storm. We are predicting by Christmas that he will be sitting and ready to tear into the gifts!

Thank you all so much for all your love and prayers. We look forward to seeing you all during the holidays!

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