Monday, March 3, 2008

8th Month

Well, here we are again. Has it been a month already? I feel like i just wrote his last post! We survived the month of February without any flu and ER drama... thank goodness! Rylen did get a very tiny cold that I watched like a hawk and he survived it with flying colors! I know all of you out there are thinking I must be drama and well, maybe i am a little bit. I don't mind Rylen getting colds, but his record hasn't been that great keeping them at bay. So, I was very happy to see a runny nose come and go without any scary episodes or ER visits.

We have made huge leaps in the solids department. I am venturing more and more to make Rylen's food instead of buying the organic. It is expensive and I am all about saving a dime here and there. I didn't take on this project in the beginning because Rylen needs the fruit everyday for constipation and I wasn't sure if i could make that happen on my side. We have that under control now and we have really picked up a nice schedule with his feeding. Our day consists of (3) 6oz bottles and (2) solid feedings a day. I have just started blending oatmeal for him to have with fruit in the morning feeding and then he eats the rest of his fruit and a vege at his evening feeding, both supplemented with another 2oz of formula. He has yet to find a food he doesn't like... He is definitely our child! :) I am thinking that i may try to make pears as that is a staple in his diet. I'll let you all know how that venture goes.

Crawling is still hanging in the air just waiting for Rylen to grab. He is just so close and then yet... nothing. He has moved his hand forward a couple of times, but stops with that.

With the addition of one tooth coming in, it just reminds me of how quickly Rylen is growing and how I am fine for him to wait on the crawling. My little preemie boy is growing up so fast! He is now almost 17lbs and 26 inches long.

Visiting the birth of his cousin has really reminded me how small Rylen used to be.

I took some pictures of him in his Uncle Christopher's rocking chair, and suddenly my little boy just grew up in front of my eyes!

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