Monday, February 11, 2008

Austin Visit

The past weekend, our clan drove to Austin to visit Christopher and Nancy Lynn. They were having their baby shower and we wanted to spend the last bit of time before they were no longer a family of 2. We were hoping that Nancy would go into labor while we were there and save us a trip! HA! No such luck. The shower went very well and Rylen got to hang out with the girls while the guys ran away for a few hours.

Rylen was able to visit with Jadyn for a bit as well. Jadyn just turned 1 and was very interested in Rylen. Rylen just acted like your typical boy and started pulling her hair. He must have liked her!

We stayed over night and visited Westover Hills Church of Christ. The singing and service was amazing. Rylen seemed to enjoy all the attention he was getting as well. I also took some time to take belly shots of Nancy and Christopher before the belly was gone. They turned out really well.

We all had a great time visiting and are looking forward to another visit very soon to meet clark2be (kb). If you'd like to check out their blog and more photos, their is a link to the left under family and friends. ENJOY!

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