Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 16th, was the annual St. Patrick's Day parade that closes down 1960 from Champions to Kuykendahl. It is about a 3 mile stretch. This year, Traveling Light was able to ride in the parade. For Rylen and I to participate would have messed up his naps and eating, so I figured that we could just watch daddy and the rest of the team as they went by. Laurie met at our house and we got the stroller together and walked to 1960 at TC Jester. A prime spot.

I made Rylen a Traveling Light Onesie for him to wear and support the team, while Laurie wore last year's T-shirt and I wore the jersey. We were quite the supporters!

Rylen had a lot of fun seeing all the excitement, but close to the end, the fire trucks were just too much for him. The sirens had him in tears, so we moved away and headed home. I must admit they were loud for even me.

But we got to see daddy and the team as they passed by and Rylen collected quite a few beads as well! Maybe we'll get to ride in the parade next year!


dorin said...

Rylen is soooo super cute!! I love your blog, it's gorgeous!

Christopher said...

Wow...Robby has really aged in fatherhood...oh wait, that's john burns driving your car...