Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bicycles & Bluebonnets

The past two weekends have been crazy FUN!

Last weekend the family woke up bright and early Saturday morning around 4:00 to take Robby to Tully Stadium for the start of the MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin. Rylen was quite confused as to why he was being aroused so early in the morning, but seemed to enjoy the festivities. I, of course, made onesies for Rylen that matched our team T-shirts so that he felt a part of the team both days.

Once Robby was dropped off, Rylen quickly fell back asleep as I pulled out the van onto I-10 and headed for Austin. We would stay the weekend with my brother and his family and see Robby at the finish line on Sunday. My mom and granny were in town to see Brooklynn, so we were able to spend time with them too.

On Sunday, we all went to University Avenue Church of Christ and then walked over to the finish line sporting our Traveling Light gear. We were able to see Robby finish and hang out with the team for a little while. Rylen slept a couple of times in the stroller just rollin' with the days events.

This weekend, we treked to Navasota,TX to find the last of the bluebonnets. Robby's brother Billy still lives there and they had the inside scoop of some patches that were still around on their property. So, the three cousins (D'lynne, Cullin, and Rylen) were able to get pictures taken in the bluebonnets together. Rylen, as always, was a good sport about the pictures until his poor little leg got bit by some ants and then he decided he was finished. More pictures of the bluebonnets are in the picture links to the left. Like usual, I got snappy happy, so there are quite a few to look at. Here is a small sample.

All in all, we had two wonderful and EVENTFUL weekends!

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steve said...

Is that an Orange Beret Rylen is wearing..

I now know what a onesie is!!

You guys ought start your own line of clothes, maybe even athletic wear.