Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today is my birthday. Yes, I am 31 years old. I sure don't feel like it. Maybe a couple of my joints feel like their more around 60 years old. HA! But I sure don't feel like I'm in my thirties. I have had a wonderful birthday thus far. This past weekend, I received a wonderful gift from Christopher, Nancy, my parents, & Granny. I received some cloth diapers called BumGenius and all the supplies they need, plus cards and extras. Not for myself you crazy people, for Rylen. It is funny how your own gifts end up being for your children. But I was really wanting to get these, so it was truly a wonderful gift. These will save us money on disposables in the long haul. We have tried them already and are working beautifully. Still have to iron out all the logistics, but it will come.

I also received the movie The Last Unicorn. I loved this movie when i was in elementary and even had a unicorn party. Watching it again was, well, interesting. It was definitely as cheesy as I remembered. "U-NI-CORN! U-NI-CORN!" HA! I love it. Well, my birthday has just started, so we will see if any other surprises pop up. 31... wow...


steve said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Use the cloth diapers for Robby

Heather said...

Hi, random person wandering thru blogs like an insomniac...but I stopped to say that Wednesday was my birthday, too!!!! But I am *shhh* 35.
Oh, and your babe is super cute.