Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Crazy Boy

The whirlwind of this past month left my camera with some random shots and videos that I never got to publish on the blog when they happened. So, here is a compilation, including the much requested "speedy crawler"! ENJOY!

Daddy's Feeding Time: Robby continues to help out around the house and with Rylen. This time he got dinner duty. If only i had gotten a picture of the finished product. Not pretty!

Helping Mommy with the Filing: Rylen is always at my feet. I've heard, from MY mom, that this is hereditary. So, i put him to work with the filing.

Crawling Like a Champ: He definitely has it down now. The cat has no hiding place anymore!

Walks with Mom: Rylen was ready for a beautiful sunny day strolling in the neighborhood.

Standing in the Crib: First it was kneeling in the crib, so we lower it. Now he's standing in the crib! Now what? Just no scaling the bars aloud!

Bath Time: Rylen figured out at this bath time that he could make waves without splashing but by kicking his feet.

1 comment:

steve said...

I just hope Robby doesn't try to imitate him crawling like everything else!

I like the filing help the best