Friday, June 6, 2008

Smelling Rain

Rylen had his first day of summer play today. I bought him a cute little swim outfit and it was such a hot day that I thought I would put him in the shade with some small tupperware cups and bowls with a little bit of water in them.
He had a great time splashing the water with his cups and hands. After about 10 minutes of play, we were interupted by a dirty diaper. As I finished, I heard a strange sound coming from outside the door. I opened it and saw that it was raining! The sun was shining, but yet we had a steady downpour. I quickly scooped Rylen up and brought him to the door to experience rain. He has seen it through a window, but not up close and personal. He was quite perplexed by it at first, but once he saw that this rain would make spouts off the house that he could put his hand in, everything was AOK.

So, we took some time to smell the freshness of rain and to feel its coolness. These are the days that the world stops for only a moment and we experience the beauty God has created.

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ErinKH said...

I love those days! I really treasure the fact that I'm at home with Livi so much that we get to slow down and smell/see/experience the beauty that God created! Cheers to you for taking time to love life! Rylen's swim outfit!