Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get in Shape Girl!

It's so appealing! I hope you all didn't have a flashback of hotpink leggings, headbands and ribbon dancing. I did have a kit when i was younger.

I'm actually refering to the next stage of my fitness plan, which I did today. We worked on weights for mainly shoulders and then some legs, back, biceps & triceps. With a 5 minute run/walk warm-up, our focus is on rebuilding the TONS of muscle I have lost over the years with my arthritis. There were definitely times that I felt the good burn of working the muscles, but there were also times that we had to be careful as I felt the pain of the weak joint. This is going to take time as I was mainly on 2lb and 5lb weights. So dinky. I used to be so strong. As a cheerleader and being tiny, I was always put on top. But I always considered it a fun challenge to be on the bottom and do the "heavy lifting". People were always amazed that I could do it. I was just versatile. Well, right now I am happy to be lifting my son in the air and I hope that soon it will be even easier!

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