Monday, September 29, 2008

On to New Braunfels and Home

Our weekend finished in New Braunfels visiting Robby's sister and her family. Their son is 2 weeks older than Rylen, and their daughter is 5 years old. Robby's sister, Michelle, came to Austin and picked us up to take us back to their house so Robby could just drive straight to their house after work on Friday. Robby had a seminar to attend in San Antonio, so it was more convenient to stay with them. On Saturday, we went to the fair and Rylen had his first experience petting chicks, goats, pigs, and baby cows. He was really very gentle with them and didn't hesitate to touch them. I didn't let him spend too much time with the goats because he did want to shake their horns a bit. It was something to grab on to. We walked around a bit and then their daughter, Jess, participated in the kid tractor pull. By about 2:00p we headed back to their house. I will post some more pictures once I get some from Michelle. My camera was dying and I wasn't able to take very many.

Robby's conference ended on Sunday evening, so we were able to head back to Houston at around 8:00p. We walked in the door to our beautiful home at 10:45p. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! I had such a great time with everyone and Rylen enjoyed playing with all of his cousins, but even the smile on his face to see his toys was enough to know that we were all glad to finally be home.

Thank you so much for everyone's hospitality. It is so great to know that we have such supportive family that will be there for us. I hope that we didn't crowd the homes too much. We loved spending time and it was wonderful for Rylen to have some extended time to get to know you all better. I pray that we will see you all again soon under much less stressful circumstances. God bless you all. We love you!

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