Monday, October 27, 2008

Robby's Triathlon Season

In one day, Robby's 2008 triathlon season began and ended.

Robby has such a passion for triathlons. He has competed in many sprint & olympic distances, and has done more than one half-iron man races. Once we were married and realized we also were going to have a little one on the way, triathlons took a back seat. Robby completed one triathlon before Rylen was born and had not done another one until yesterday morning. His one and only triathlon for this year.

There were four from our church that participated in the event: Matt, Robby, Chris, and David. All of the guys did great and Robby had set some personal goals that he was able to achieve that day. The weight that he has lost over the past year made a huge difference in his running ability as well. I must say that he looked really good at the race and there was a sparkle in his smile as he competed. I could really tell that he felt good and was having a great time competing.

Here are some pictures from the Race.

Taking pictures is a little harder when you have a child to pacify too. So, I apologize for some looking a tad far away. I had to sacrifice some to get the shots I could.

Great Job Robby!

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