Sunday, November 9, 2008


There are lot of different shopping cart covers out there and I had looked and looked for one that I wanted to get to use with Rylen. We had received one that fits on the highchairs from my work and loved it, but it didn't fit on a shopping cart, especially the over-sized ones. I wanted to make sure that it was comfy for him to sit in just in case he got tired while I was needing to shop. Well, I came across a lady in BabiesRUs one day that had a cover that had an adorable pattern on it and looked VERY comfy. I asked her where she got it and she told my KozyPal. So, I looked it up. The lady is here in Texas and makes these covers. They have hooks for toys and awesome pockets for me and for cups and toys. They have tons of pre-made ones with wonderful patterns, but she also was one of the few that would CUSTOM make one if you sent her your fabric. WELL, that was what I decided to do. This baseball fabric is a vintage pattern that I searched forever for to put in Rylen's room. I saved up, bought more of the fabric, and then sent it to KozyPal for my custom cover. I had the thought that we might have another child one day, (great premonition on my part!) so i had them make this a double. There are flaps that cover up the holes if you aren't using them. VERY NICE FEATURE! So, here is Rylen in his shopping cart cover made especially with him in mind. He loved it the first time I put him in it. He laid his head on the material and smiled. It even comes with a pillow that attaches to one of the rings! I have a link to KozyPal on the left. If you order through that link, they tag my account with a referral. So, check them out! I absolutely LOVE MY KozyPal!

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