Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Came!

Well, Santa came to our house. I guess we were all good this year! Rylen woke up at 8:45a and we took him downstairs to see that Santa had eaten all the cookies and to see all the gifts that were left by the big guy. He was thrilled, especially with his "big gift"!

We then fixed breakfast and set everything up for the Christmas festivities. Mommy is still an amateur in the documentation department, so she didn't prepare adequately for the taping. We ended up with half of Christmas and then the tape ran out without any indication that it had stopped. Though we have pictures, I do wish we had the end of our Christmas festivities on tape. Rylen kept giving Robby and I kisses. It was so sweet.

Rylen ended up with a nice stash of gifts: some big animal and vehicle puzzles, a tugboat for the tub, Curious George bubble bath with a monkey hooded towel, an astros board book, two tonka cars, a big boy set of cutlery, and his Step 2 kangaroo climber!

Robby and I made out pretty well too. I had opened all of my gifts and Robby had given me a "starter sewing kit" with needles, thread and that tomato looking needle holder. I was thinking... "um, not quite an electric way of doing things, but thanks." After Christmas was over, my inventory of gifts was nice: 2 much needed nursing shirts, fuzzy socks, a new calendar, and some knick knacks from the stocking, but with the budget that we had given each other I was thinking that my new shirts must have cost a mint! Not that I was complaining by any means. Well, Robby said he had one gift for Rylen that was out in the car that he had forgotten to tell me about. So, we brought it in and proceeded to let him open it. To my surprise, it was a sewing machine! I immediately knew it wasn't for Rylen, but for me! What a sneaky and wonderful husband I have!

As for Robby, he made out well too. He is set for his new year of running, swimming and biking with a fuel belt, ironman watch, and warm running/biking gloves. Topped with a new, much needed leather wallet and dress socks, a charging valet, and 2009 calendars, this Christmas turned out to be quite wonderful for the whole family!

I hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO!

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