Monday, July 27, 2009

And it begins...

Today began my training for the half-marathon on New Year's Day. Robby and I are planning on running this together. We had wanted to train for the marathon after we got married in 2006, but God had other plans. Two to be exact, Rylen & Jace. So, after two years of being rather inactive, I am getting back on the band wagon. I tried this once before last September, but then found out I was pregnant with Jace. That definitely shouldn't happen this time around and I should be able to keep my commitment.

So, how did the training go, you ask? Well, let's just say, slow. I am being very cautious how I exert my body. With the arthritis, too much too soon could lead to bad flares. So, today, when Robby got home from work, I walked and ran for 15 minutes. Sounds pretty light? Yes, it was. My mind definitely wanted to work harder. I'm used to being much more athletic than that. Problem is that my cardio is very low right now. I walked for a minute and then ran for a minute and alternated this until the 15 minutes were up. Seems pretty easy, and it really was, but my heart rate didn't want to stay down. That just shows my lack of conditioning. Hopefully this will improve quickly. So, I have made the commitment. We have officially signed up for the Texas Marathon on New Year's Day!

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