Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I learned a new word today from The KidDictionary:

Deframation - "The sharp decline in photos and video taken of your second child relative to the amount taken of your first."

Though I have seriously tried to not allow this crime to happen in my household, I'm afraid that I may have fallen into deframing Jace. You see, I took weekly pictures of Rylen from his birth until week 25. It was amazing to watch the transformation in such short time periods. Well, sadly, I am scraping to find images around each weekly date to fill just these first 10 weeks of his life. But, as a mother determined to provide for her children, I WILL find a picture for each week and I WILL finish out the 25 weeks. On to week 11!

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The Schneiders said...

We definately had "deframation", until Esther that is. With a digital camera and 5 picture happy siblings we have about 300 pics of her short little life!

Great pics and good luck on the goal!