Saturday, July 18, 2009


While I was sitting at my desk, Rylen, as usual, poked and pulled on my arm until I put him on my lap. I was seriously trying to send one last work email before I ventured into his world of play. So, with him on my lap I managed to click the send button. The next thing I knew, Rylen was pointing and saying "ma ma mo mo" while signing more. In the direction of his pointing were those old school star stickers. So, we proceeded to play. Rylen had quite a time trying to figure out how to stick them and then admiring himself in the mirror. This occurred around 2:30p and the stickers stayed until daddy got home at 6:00p. I was surprised that he left them on for so long!

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The Schneiders said...

That is so cute. It reminds me of Max Lucado's picture book You Are Special.