Monday, September 14, 2009

Jace Alexander - 4 months

Our little boy is now 4 months old and has an addictive personality. He is full of smiles and coos. He also has some pretty good lungs when he is in the car and is ready to be home. Not even a pacifier will silence this little guy and you can see the pleas in Rylen's eyes that he would just comply. I posted last month that Jace was sleeping for us, well I lied. You see he seems to do just that right before I post his monthly update. He must want to look good on paper. After last month's post Jace went back to eating almost every 3 hours at night again. I tried to chalk it up to a growth spurt and it very well may have been, but this growth spurt took quite a few weeks to accomplish. The past few nights Jace has again begun to sleep for me 4-5 hours at a time. We shall see if he continues. As for accomplishments, Jace is rolling from back to front within seconds of being laid down. He also can put himself back to sleep and has done this for me on numerous occasions. He isn't too difficult to get to sleep for naps, but again will not really take a pacifier unless he is on his way into dreamland. We have pretty much hit the 12 lb mark. It really just depends on when you weigh him. I haven't measured his length yet, but we will be having an appointment in a week and a half and can give you that measurement then. Jace has definitely found his voice and he makes us all laugh when he "talks" to us. Even Rylen gets a kick out of it. We figure that Rylen can understand him since we can't figure out either of them! Rylen just loves his brother and wants to love on him all the time. Constant hugs and kisses. He even lets Jace punch and kick him in the face! Of course Jace doesn't know what he is doing and Rylen just thinks the "touches" are funny. I'm sure that will change as they get older, but for now it is amusing. Jace is also sitting very well in the bumbo and we have been putting him in that seat when we eat dinner so that we can all interact as a family. At four months, I am still nursing Jace and do not see a reason to stop anytime soon. God has blessed me with a few pain free days here and there and the rest of the days are more than tolerable. I am hoping to get a double jogging stroller soon so that I can take the boys out for my daily exercise. What more is there to say? I am loving my family of boys and couldn't be happier! I will have more pictures to come once I edit them. As you can see, I am expanding my design business to photography as well. I am hoping to have this off the ground soon with a grand logo, but for now I am tagging my photos with "Robbins Photography and Design". ENJOY!

A snipit of our boy in action

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aaaahhhhh! He is so precious!!!