Thursday, October 1, 2009

How we're rollin' these days

Jace is finally getting to a good place about being in a stroller. So, my evening workouts alone have become my day workouts with the kiddos. Thanks to the Carrikers for allowing me to borrow this double until we can get one of our own. I have definitely taken a set back on my heart rate conditioning pushing this around, but in the long run I will be stronger because of the extra weight. Luckily we are only doing 30 minutes at a time as Jace would not last much longer. This is definitely the way to go!


The Schneiders said...

Oh, the life of luxury!

BTW, I've sent a friend over to see your posts on JRA. Her sister in law has RA and they are trying to convince her to try something more natural.


RK&RJ said...

Feel free to have her contact me anytime. I am an open book about what I have gone through and done. If this path that God has led me down can help others, I am ready to share!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying it! Take you time!

Anonymous said...

I mean take "YOUR" time! lol