Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jace Alexander - 5 months

(weighing ~13lbs)

Jace has turned 5 months! I can't believe we've been a family of four for almost a half a year! Jace has shown us quite a personality in these past 5 months. We are definitely wondering if he is going to be a very opinionated toddler. Jace is typically pretty easy going as long as everything is going his way. At this age that isn't hard to provide. Just food, sleep and attention. He absolutely LOVES Rylen. He smiles and coos in his direction all day long. Even if Jace is fussy, Rylen can get him to calm down and smile and talk. Lately, Rylen has been going into our room when Jace wakes up from his nap and starts crying. Rylen will sit on our bed and talk to Jace to keep him company until I get in there. That sometimes gives me another 5-10 minutes to finish up a project! How wonderful is that! They are so cute to walk in on when they are laughing at each other.

Jace has accomplished the belly to back roll, though it is typically done at random. His back to belly is much more intentional as it has been for months now. He also chews on EVERYTHING and if you take away the toy he is chewing on? Watch out and plug your ears for the wails of disapproval. Jace can definitely bust an ear drum if he is not happy. It doesn't happen often, but ears beware when it does. Naps with mommy are pretty drama-free, but with daddy they sometimes take a bit more preparation. We are hoping this will slowly change so that naps and bedtime without mommy aren't so traumatic. As for sleeping? We are STILL working on that. We are definitely getting better, but some nights I just don't have the energy to force him to sleep longer and I end up taking the easy way out and nursing him. We are at least getting consistent 4-5 hour sleep sessions with him and rarely have a 3-hour one. This is just all new territory with us since Jace is not on formula. Jace typically eats every 3 hours and I have introduced some rice cereal to him, but he is definitely not as eager to eat it as Rylen was. Rylen was ALL about food, whether it was nursing, the bottles or baby food. Jace is a bit more social and sometimes causes nursing sessions to be a fun struggle. I have to tell him often not to worry about what everyone else is doing and just EAT! So, typically Jace goes to bed around 9:30 and wakes up again at 1:00a to eat and then sleeping again until 5 or 6 in the morning for another nursing session and back down until 8:00a. Not the best scenario, in my opinion, but one we are trying to work with. As for other milestones, Jace is sitting very well with help, but loves to stand and jump. He loves his bumbo for better viewing pleasure of his sibling. Jace also loves to hold toys, especially his paci, and pull it in and out of his mouth. I have tried to let him play on the boppy with toys to grab but he ends up catapulting himself with his feet over the boppy to the toys on the other side. Here are some more pictures of our cute little 5 monther. The outfit is compliments of Evi from Hungary. Rylen has a matching one as well. I will try to get some good pictures of them together. Notice the tag on the leg of the outfit. It is the hungarian flag colors. So cute!

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