Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paths Unknown

3 years ago tonight I self injected with a dose of Humira to help my arthritis for the last time. It was the eve of our wedding and I made sure that my scheduling allowed me to take it before we went on our cruise the coming Sunday. I gained a horrible 10 pounds on that cruise eating so much ice cream and pizza and rich foods... and well, if you've been on a cruise you know! Two weeks after our return when it was time for me to take another dose, I had a sneakin' suspicion that I was probably pregnant. So, I skipped the dose until I could take a test. A week later, low and behold, the test turned positive so fast that my head spun. It was official, no more medication until after the baby was born. At the time, I had no idea the path that our family would be taking for the next three years. I look back on that time and it seems like it was forever ago. Our family has been through so much mentally, spiritually as well as financially and I have been through so much physically. Tomorrow will be our 3rd anniversary and though I have been blessed with the two before, this is probably the first one that I have truly anticipated and been excited about. The past two are memories of limping into a restaurant to spend a short amount of time with Robby while my parents watched Rylen. Then heading back home to fall into bed and sleep away the pains that were constantly plaguing my body. In a small way I feel that the pain and struggle of my arthritis over the past three years has cheated me out of time with my family, but it was a path that I needed to go down to be where I am today. The past few months, I have not had the aches and pains to sidetrack me from the joy that my family brings me. Robby was the reason for my path down a healthier road. Neither one of us knew what that path would entail, but we did it together and tomorrow I will celebrate the wonderful man that God placed in my life. I will celebrate it without a pain in my body to distract me and know that I would travel the path again because Robby was there beside me the whole way. I definitely had a lot of support from my family and friends, but it makes a huge difference to have your husband holding your hand and taking the path with you even though he didn't have to.

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Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to have you not just in my brothers life, but in mine too! Thank you for being you! Love you - Michelle