Friday, November 6, 2009

The ART of couponing

Yes, this IS an art. I got my first taste of true success today. I have piddled in couponing, but today was a great day for savings!

Let me break it down for you:


Organic Green Puffs: reg $2.84 -
Free Trial Coupon
Final Cost: FREE!

36 Earth's Best 2nd Baby Food Jars: reg $.89 each
BabiesRUs sale: $2.50 off per 12 jars
Manufacturer Coupon: (3) $1 off per 10 jars
BabiesRUs coupon: $5 off purchase of $25
Final Cost: $16.54 (~.46/jar) practically 50% off!

Musical Sit 'n Spin: reg $24.99
BabiesRUs Sale: $5 off
BabiesRUs Coupon: %15 off one item
Manufacturer Coupon: $10 off
Final Cost: $6.99

Pampers #4 Diapers: reg $40.99
BabiesRUs coupon: $4 off jumbo box
Manufacturer Coupon: $1 off box
Final Cost: $35.99

Koala Playettes: reg $12.99 & $9.99
BabiesRUs Sale: 30%off
BabiesRUs Coupon:25%off
Final Cost: $6.81 & $5.24 = $12.05
BabiesRUs Savings of $52.27!!!


Tag Junior: reg $39.99 -
Target Price Cut down to $28.99
Target Coupon - $10 off
Manufacturer Coupon - $5 off
Final Cost: $13.99

Tag Junior Book: reg $10.99
Target Price Cut down to $8.99
Manufacturer Coupon - $3 off
Final Cost: $5.99

Found a Target Giftcard in my purse!

Target Savings should have been $31.00 but with Target Gift Card my purchase was FREE! So a true savings of $50.98

Total Savings today: $103.25 (I only spent $71.57!)

This trip totally made carting the kids worthwhile! In fact I have one more $5 off for a $25 purchase at BabiesRUs to use and it expires today, so i am going to get ,more baby food jars! What a killer deal! If you can use the 2nd foods instead of the 1st foods its definitely a better deal! For Jace i will just half the jar and use more the next day. The 2nd foods are 4oz over 2oz for the 1st foods and the jars are only 10 cents more. Definitely not worth buying the smaller jars.

What made this day even better is that we budget every month for certain items like $40 for diapers and $20 for clothing. We also budget for baby food. So, the $71.57 that I spent today was in the budget to spend. It came out as cash. So, with our budget, not only did I get the diapers, clothing and baby food, I got much more baby food than budgeted, more clothing & toys for Christmas! It doesn't get much better than that!!


The Schneiders said...

That's great! I've been couponing for a couple of years and its amazing how little I can spend. A great site that I follow is, it makes couponing really easy.

Kimberly Robbins said...

I will definitely add that one to my list. The one I have been following is