Friday, November 27, 2009

First Tooth and more!

Jace's first tooth broke through yesterday. I wasn't expecting this for another couple of months! A couple of days ago Jace had a rough night sleeping and the following morning we saw swollen gums. I still thought it would be a while before that tooth made its appearance, but yesterday it broke through for us all to see. Jace is definitely on a mission to catch up with Rylen. From being mobile and sitting up, to standing up and getting his first tooth. All of these milestones came two months before Rylen did them. Jace has also decided to accomplish a lot of these just this week! Jace started sitting really well when we arrived so we decided to sit him in a square laundry basket to play. Well, Jace decided to stand up in the basket! A day later his tooth came in. Hopefully he will take a breather for a little while before any more milestones disrupt his sleep....and mine! HA!

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