Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jace Alexander - 6 months

Outfit compliments of Hillary

The time is here! Jace is 6 months old, approximately 13.2 lbs, and 25 inches long. He has started holding his own in the sitting position. I still place the boppy around him because he doesn't always recover when his balance is off. Just like Rylen, the sitting happened over night. One day he was hardly able to do it and the next he was sitting like a champ. He is definitely on the move. I wouldn't say it is crawling, though he does get up on his hands and knees and scoot back down to his belly. If he wants something bad enough, Jace does a type of army crawl pull with one arm and can really fly across the floor. Other modes of transportation are rolling. All of these put together allow him to be all over the floor in seconds. This is a couple of months faster than i had anticipated, so I have to make sure that Rylen hasn't left anything on the floor that Jace can't have a hold of. Jace definitely wants what Rylen has over his baby toys. Rylen's bat is one of those items. It seems we may have to baseball fans in the house! We are still working on that secure retirement! Ha!

As mentioned before, Jace is not a fan of rice cereal, so I have tried other first foods like avocado, bananas, and even pears. The past couple of days Jace has finally take to mashed up banana. So, we will try to put that into his diet as the days progress. Otherwise he is still nursing. Sleeping through the night is yet another story. My sweet Jace still does not see the need to sleep longer than 5 hours at a time. I'm not sure why my dear boy will not go longer than this, but with all my efforts, he still wakes in the night. Typically it is only once, though the 6:30-7:00 feeding at times is also considered another night feeding depending on how tired I am. Hopefully with the introduction of some more food he will get more in his belly to last longer at night. During the day he is full of smiles and giggles. Rylen gets a kick out of tickling Jace, though we have to make sure it isn't right after a feeding. Jace is also my child of extremes. He is either extremely content, or extremely upset. When he is upset, watch out! He shuts his eyes tight and the screams can pierce the ears. It typically takes mommy to settle him down and see that there are other toys in the room to play with besides the one that Rylen probably took from him. One always wants what the other has no matter who it is.

So, I will get more official stats in December. I didn't want to take Jace to the doctor mere days before we flew out of town in case the couple of vaccines we get decide to put a kink in our schedule. So, we shall wait til then.

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