Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jace Alexander - 7 months

Jace is now 7 months old. His official weigh in at the ped was 13 lbs 4 oz (10%), 25.5 inches (25%) and 42.5 cm (30%). I'm not sure if they were marking him on the 6 month or 7 month scale, but that is what is written down percentage wise. He has definitely accomplished A LOT this past month.
  • sitting WELL
  • eating bananas
  • pulling to his knees
  • pulling to a stand
  • crawling WELL
  • sitting from crawl position
  • 2 teeth
  • eating every 3 hours / 4 naps approx 45min - 1hr each
Whew! That is a lot for a little guy to accomplish all at once. He has definitely given us many sleepless nights in the process. We are still working on the full night of sleep. He still gets up once during the night. I am hoping that since he started finally eating some solids (and LIKING it) that will give him the grub he needs to make it through the night. I will just have to really coordinate his meals to encourage him to sleep longer. Rylen was on formula, so he was already sleeping like a champ at this age. I still would not trade nursing Jace for a full night of sleep. I had a nurse at the ped office tell me that she nursed her son and he took a long time to sleep through the night, so the next kid they have will only be nursed to 3 months max. I thought that was so sad to sacrifice something so valuable simply for your own personal comforts. Being a parent has meant sacrificing myself for the health and safety of my children. I would do anything for them and if that means not getting a full night of sleep for Jace to have "Liquid GOLD"..or as I prefer to call it God's miracle cures whatever ails ya...then so be it!

Jace and Rylen are my laughter and joy and I am enjoying motherhood emensely. I love looking through their eyes at the wonder around us and seeing the excitement on their faces for new experiences, especially this time of year. It brings such a new awareness to the faith and belief of a child. I saw Jace and especially Rylen sit in amazement while watching Polar Express and see Santa and the flying reindeer. What amazement we used to have as children for Santa Claus and yet we never saw him deliver the gifts to our house. We saw Santa at the mall, but I don't think we really believed THAT was him. We believed in the man that came Christmas Eve that we NEVER saw. I am determined to be more like my children this sesason and in the days after. To every day be in awe of God and his awesome love and power with the Faith and Belief of a child.

Merry Christmas!

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