Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still Saving...

Robby and I are hoping that our own financial habits will rub off on our children. We believe that managing our money is something that God wants us to do wisely. We have started this new year as a family DEBT FREE and we want our children to follow this example. So, one action we have already implemented is saving. Rylen loves to put money in his piggy bank...whether it is the pennies that we find while walking or the coins that his Grandparents give him, he loves to hear them klink!

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Frankentrina said...

Good to see other people teaching kids good habits like saving money at an early age, and that every little bit adds up. I've got banks for both my boys, but they are plastic screw-top containers so they don't get broken, and they can easily check the contents, or roll up and trade out coins for bills. Ozric has over $45 of his own saved from helping around the house and "found" coins, he's looking forward to buying his first cache of silver as an investment!

Also good to see someone else who teaches their kids to NOT put small foreign object in their mouth instead of "over-baby-proofing" and not allowing the kids any sort of small items.