Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jace Alexander - 10 months

I'm chalking it up to chaos in the Robbins house. Jace is 10 months old and I am desperately trying to get his pictures taken. We are in the middle of MS150 season and I thought I was going to get the pictures I wanted in New Braunfels, but we ended up getting rained and freezed out. So, I am working on them now. So stay tuned. As for our little tyke, he is becoming quite the adventurer. He can definitely CLIMB...up stairs, onto Rylen's toddler bed, into rocking chairs, over pillows, over ME! He can also get himself OUT of those situations as well. He has quite a keen sense of depth and can actually back down out of chairs, stairs and just this weekend took quite a bit of time trying to back himself into a hole on a putt putt green. It was quite hilarious watching him try to get his foot or knee into that hole. Jace has not quite made that first step, BUT he has easily walked with his walking toy with one hand AND managed to do quite a few squats in a row without holding on to anything. I am really surprised that he hasn't made that step yet. As for food, he is almost done with baby food. I think we had a good run of two months with that stuff and now he has decided that fingerfoods are what he would prefer. He has already eaten turkey, bread, eggs, canteloupe, green beans, apples, corn muffins, banana quarters, and peas. Anything mushy is not quite as interesting to him including mashed potatoes. He would prefer to chew which is completely opposite from my oldest. In the sleeping department, he still loves to wake up and cuddle with mama and dada. So, we do. I have quit trying to figure out the secret formula to accomplish an all nighter. I'm sure we will get there eventually. And as for speech, he says mama and dada easily and some other sounds as well. I believe he is pretty much on track in all categories, full of smiles, and loves his brother no matter how much he gets "pushed" around. My favorite sound is them laughing at each other in the back seat. Sweet Bliss! Just two more months and our boy will be a year old! Hard to believe.

Jace is so content to play on his own. As I type, Rylen is getting into everything right here at my desk while I hear Jace playing with every toy in the loft. I pray that one day Jace can occupy my dear sweet Rylen.

This post is oh so late and there is hardly a picture to be found for it. This month has been extremely stressful and I will update you all as soon as I have a moment to gather my thoughts. For now, I celebrate my growing baby boy and all of his amazing accomplishments. Just today, Jace mimicked the sign for "thank you". I wonder how quickly he will learn signs since Rylen and I do them so much now. Stay tuned for pictures!

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