Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I celebrated my 33rd birthday last Friday on the 16th...which is why I am finally posting about it now. The MS150 is typically around my birthday and so there is a lot going on. Next year the event will actually be ON my birthday, so I'm not expecting ANY festivities. That's ok, a trip to Rao's makes everything perfect. Which is what we did this year! We took a couple of hours Friday evening to hang out at Rao's and celebrate with a monstrous slice of cake and a bit of gelato for Rylen. The boys sang "Happy Birthday" and I got a MUCH nicer replacement for my HOPE ring that cracked. The ring was from James Avery and actually has FAITH, HOPE and LOVE on it. It fits perfectly and I LOVE IT! Jace decided to give me the gift of walking that day too. He took about 15 steps across the kitchen just to show me he could do it. He has yet to make that sort of accomplishment again, but he is definitely more consistent in trying his 4 steps. If he falls he gets right back up and gives me more! All in all, I had a perfect birthday. A moment away with the three best looking guys a gal could have in her life AND a huge serving of chocolate!

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