Monday, July 26, 2010

Jace Alexander - 14 months

"no, no, no" - The word of the month. Jace loves to say "no". The funny thing is that it has absolutely nothing to do with actually refusing anything. He just loves to say it and shake his head. But that isn't all he is saying. We have verbally added to our signs with: apple, mommy, dada, no hello, how are you?, where are you?, banana, more, and oatmeal. I feel like I am missing some, so I'm sure once I post this he will say one that I have forgotten. The words definitely come easier to Jace and he is very proactive to try new ones, which is why it is really hard to list the words or phrases he says. He has already put two words together: "Dada Home". Just about floored me when he said it!

Jace is also starting to wrestle a bit with Rylen. I have a feeling that this is going to go in a bad direction before it goes in a good one. Rylen just doesn't know his strength and has been too excited about wrestling with him since day one. So, only time will tell. Jace is right on Rylen's heels and mimics everything that he does. He even tries to fish out "nothing" from under the stove. Rylen typically loses balls under the stove and fishes them out with his bat. Well, Jace has decided to "fish out" stuff from under the stove. He constantly gets on his belly to look under and see what needs to be pulled out. Hopefully he won't get a hold of the dust bunnies under there!

Our negative this month is a finger snip. Long story, short. Rylen clipped Jace's finger with scissors. You can NEVER be sure that scissors or sharp objects are safe no matter how far out of reach and hidden they are. Luckily, it was not bad, but it sure did scare mommy to many sleepless hours at night thinking of the "what-coulda-happened".

Now for my apology. The past two months have been busy busy busy! This month was no better. I tried to get Jace's pictures NUMEROUS times and could never get focused enough for them, so we definitely have slim pickings. I am sad that I don't really have one that is that ONE great photo. It was bound to happen, next month will be better!

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