Monday, August 9, 2010

Fireworks & Fun

Ever since Rylen was born, the beginning of July is a crazy time. We are more focused on his birthday than the holiday. His first "Fourth" was two days after he was born and we were coming home from the hospital. His second "Fourth" we were in Indiana and only saw the fireworks from the car. Last year, Rylen's birthday party was on the fourth and Jace was just a little under 2 months old, so we weren't involved in the festivities then either. So, this was Rylen & Jace's first year to really be involved in the celebration.

We traveled up to Navasota to see Robby's mom. They were having a potluck at the church with Fireworks afterwards. The day was very humid and Rylen was dripping just minutes into their outside play. That meant LOTS of water and the boys easily complied. The girls at the church just loved playing with him and I am so glad that they kept him entertained.

As the sun went down it was time for fireworks. Robby and I hand held some sparklers with Rylen until he got the hang of it. Jace was pretty excited about them too.

Then we let him loose. He was definitely not happy when they were "all gone".

Then it was time for the big stuff and Robby had to take Rylen inside the church to watch them from the window. He loved the colors and explosions, just not the loudness of them. Jace could care less about the noise and we hung around outside until the finale. Once in the car the boys waved good-bye and before we left the parking lot they were both fast asleep. I love outings that wear them out with fun!

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