Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jace Alexander - 18 months

Tiny but growing. That is the best way to describe our sweet Jace. He is now 18lbs 4oz and 30 inches. He's about 1lb less than Rylen was but still the same height. We contribute that to the formula that Rylen got for so long. Just put some more fat on his bones. Even as small as Jace is, that boy can definitely a HORSE! In fact, these boys are already trying to eat us out of house and home. We used to be able to make the 2 grocery store trips a month with maybe the occasional trip for milk and bread. But NOW, I seem to run out of things at weeks end. Fruit is a must as well as PB&J's and carrots. Jace is finally starting to eat some raw veggies which is soooo nice. He was such a picky veggie eater so it is good that he sees Rylen loving carrots and celery and is following suit.

Jace has started throwing balls and really trying to kick. This definitely puts all balls outside. Two boys with balls does not equal anything good in the house. Mimicking has always been something that Jace did and he continues even more now. From words to gestures, Jace is a parrot. Again, i don't even try to count the words and signs that he knows. We are well over 200 I'm sure. Speaking of gestures, Jace has also expanded his disapproval with wanting to smack at you. Not my favorite part of growing and learning. As we are teaching Rylen a new level of respect, we are also teaching Jace. Looks like the youngest gets ALL the benefits!

Well, since they changed the carseat law to age 2, we don't have to worry that Jace has not yet reached the 20lb mark. HA! We have a bit more time before we have to purchase another seat for Rylen so Jace can move on up. He already wants to sit in Rylen's seat when I drop him off at MDO, so I'm sure the transition will be welcomed in his eyes.

All in all the boys are great! They are really starting to play better together and not so much knocking and crying. I hear them giggling throughout the day and I simply love it! I can't imagine life without my giggling boys.

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