Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Bump #3

Well, here it is! I took these quick since I knew our appointment was tomorrow for the ultrasound. Once again I tried to match my outfit, but I couldn't find the red top, so I used the next best thing....PINK! We'll see if its a sign. HA! I have all three pregos to show, so you all can compare and contrast and see if you want to change your vote. Well, here it goes!

All three of these pregnancies have looked different and FELT different, so I don't really think I can put much stock into these sort of games to tell what someone is having.

Jace prego belly

Rylen prego belly

Well, there you have it. Another pregnancy, 20 weeks in. Tomorrow, February 8th is our ultrasound and we'll know (hopefully) what Robbins #3 will be! Keep us and the baby in your prayers!

Love you all!

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