Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jace - 21 months

Jace is on the fast road to his 2-yr birthday. It will be here before I know it! BUT, we still have a few months before that happens, so I am going to enjoy these months as they come. It is amazing how fast my boys are growing, though I still see Jace as my little baby. It will be interesting to see him next to the new baby when she comes.

I finally had a good month for his pictures. The past couple of months have been a struggle to get his pictures in. Either the weather wasn't good, we were out of town, or he had a cold. So, I was glad to finally have an opportunity to do these. He has so much energy, loves to climb and loves to talk talk talk. I have no idea how much more he knows than last month, but I DO know that he never stops repeating us. I would say that he is initiating his own conversations more versus just repeating us. He is also holding his own with Rylen verbally AND physically too. His only issue now is the paci bandit (Rylen) who sneaks into his bed and steals his pacifier and interrupts his naps. This is not going to end anytime soon, especially with a new baby coming into the house.

Jace finally hit the 20lb mark, but we won't be turning his carseat around until May when he turns two. I have a feeling he WILL be moving into Rylen's seat sooner than later. I just can't manage him in the infant seat anymore. I believe we are also FINALLY getting some eye-teeth. The top ones are poking their way through, but the bottom isn't more than just red. This is a long awaited event for me. We have had MONTHS of chewing and whining for those things. Jace also does very well going up and down the stairs. He can practically go down a small set without holding on. He also loves to "fly" around the family room and "jump". We haven't quite got a two footed jump yet, but he's getting there.

Jace still loves signing time and asks for "Lela and hokins" all the time. I try to vary the videos to expose his vocabulary. He loves counting and knows a lot of his numbers. He knows his colors by sign and is getting better at knowing them visually. His favorite song is the colors of the rainbow song and can be caught singing it throughout the day.

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