Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jace Alexander

Jace Alexander
32" and 22 lbs

With all the excitement and challenges that came with having "baby sister", Jace's 2-yr post got lost in the shuffle, but I definitely didn't neglect taking his pictures. I can't believe how much he has grown and become his own independent individual the past year!

Jace is quite the talker. He is a parrot for EVERYTHING you say, so be careful WHAT you say in his presence...he is definitely LISTENING! There is so much to say about him that I don't even know where to start. He has this crazy sense of humor and is such a ham when it comes to entertaining. He is also our snuggler and loves to just sit with you and enjoy your company. He plays by himself very well and this tends to aggravate Rylen because he doesn't always want to play with him. Jace is beginning to really hold his own when it comes to Rylen's roughness. He has taken on his wrestling on many occasions and has given Rylen a run for his money (mostly in giggles).

I can't even COUNT the words that Jace knows and says. It is beyond just words and more into sentences. He likes to tell Rylen why he is in timeout while he is in timeout. He is very easy to communicate with and we have to remind ourselves that he is only 2 years old. It is very easy to put him on the same level with Rylen. A lot of times I feel like we have twins with the way that they interact with each other and with us. Jace loves to say "Kendall Annalice" when we talk about her by name. Otherwise, it is "Baby Sister" said with the cutest of lisps.

Jace loves to play with cars, trains, books, and also loves to put on shoes, daddy's hats, and sunglasses. He knows all the colors of the rainbow including black, white, brown and pink. He is getting better at identifying them every day. Signing is still a part of our lives, though Jace doesn't rely on it as much as Rylen does. He can also recite/sing his alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 including more on up to 20. There are also tons of songs that he sings. Jace loves to recite his Bible verses from church and this is a nightly ritual at dinner or at bedtime. He is very much into wanting his blanket AND baby blanket for naptime and night time, so I'm not sure how MDO is going to go only having a baby one. Jace has also taken up baseball with Rylen (including football and soccer). They both have a bat and will play with each other very well! They both take turns throwing and hitting the ball. It is fun to watch them play so well together.

I think the most amazing thing is the fact that Jace is potty trained at the age of 26 months. He took the jump one day and I ran with it. Within 3 days we were in only underwear and rarely have an accident. Don't "hate" ME for this! HA! It was ALL Jace, I just followed his lead. I wish I would have done this with Rylen because I think he had the desire at the same age, but I was so consumed with Jace that I didn't pursue it and now we are still working on it at age 4.

Well, that is our sweet Jace. I know I have missed tons of things that he does and says, so hopefully other posts will encompass what I have over looked.

Happy 2 years Jace! We love you!

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SchneiderPeeps said...

Happy Birthday, Jace! Time sure does fly.