Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kendall Annalice - 1 month

Already, our sweet girl is 1 month old! It is really hard to believe how fast this time has gone. Yet, that seems to be a trend when I post. Time always flies. We spent so much time waiting for her arrival and here we are having enjoyed her for a full month. Kendall has already reached the 10lb mark and doesn't seem to be stopping the fast weight gain. From day one she has never given us reason to believe she was not getting enough. In fact, with all the good milk she's been taking in, she has been sleeping great too! We have continued to have 5-7 hour spaces of sleep at night and this started in her first week. She had her first stretch of 7 hours only 2 weeks in! Very different from the boys for sure. This has also been nice for me getting some more consistent sleep at night. But with her sweet plumpness comes growing out of the tiny newborn clothes and in to the 0-3 outfits. She has definitely stretched out of those newborns and I am looking to put them away...ALREADY! Some of the outfits she hardly wore!

As you can see we have already received many smiles from this girl and they simply brighten every part of my day. She easily smiles for the boys and loves to just watch them. Having three in the house has been quite crazy, but I don't think Kendall has truly added to the craziness yet. The boys are crazy enough for all of us. They simply adore their baby sister and I'm hoping they become fast friends for life.

I am also loving this new phase of girliness in our lives. The bows & flowers, pinks and purples, and the hairclips have been such a fun new addition. I find myself wanting to dress her up, though we haven't had a lot of opportunities to do it yet. Church is typically that time and we have only been once so far.

In general, we are getting more settled into the trio of kids. The first month was a bit to be desired after my two weeks of recovery from a crazy fever after her birth. Nothing that a coffee enema couldn't cure! Three weeks of being down out of the four was not what I had imagined. But Robby took it all in stride and did an awesome job with the boys and with me. He is such a blessing to us all. So far no arthritis flares to note, but we should be getting back to our stricter eating habits soon.

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