Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Learning - Letter F

Rookie (4.5 yrs old)
Ace (37 mos)
Ladybug (11mos) 
 This week was Letter "F" and I set up their desk area with their RRSP materials, Puzzles, books, and toys that matched the theme including fire trucks, fish, footballs, and frogs.
 Calendar Time is still a lot of fun learning where "Florida" is on the map (along with Texas) and "Flexing" our muscles for our morning exercise.

 Throughout the week, the boys had fun with different activities. Here they were dot painting the Letter F and finding all the "F"s on a Foot.

 A bit of fine motor skills for Ace matching clothespins with a shape on them to the shape on the circle.
 Rookie matched colored clothespins to the corresponding color on the wheel. Both boys LOVED this activity and wanted to switch when they were done.

 Here is an example of the variation I do with them. Ace is all about wanting to do what Rookie gets to do, so I let him try it. Rookie is matching the pattern of fish below the picture while Ace places them on top of the picture. Both learning patterns.

 FUN with playdough! Ace spent a lot of time this week with playdough. Rookie only wanted playdough the one day to make his letter F on our dry erase activity board.

 Computer time is a favorite using Starfall. They can navigate the site on their own and Ace is getting very good at the mouse!

 Rookie is getting much better with his scissor skills cutting out his vocabulary words for the week. We do this activity early in the week so we can see the words on our pocket chart every day. He also loves being able to match the pictures with the ones in his easy reader.

In our house, learning is play! I loved seeing all the kids playing together!
 Tap Tap Tap! A fun song we use while learning how to form our letters. Even Ladybug gets in on the fun using her little lines to tap!

 Biggest to smallest and everything in between. Rookie is quite proud of his accomplishment!
During Rookie's craft for RRSP, he decided to write his name and "Daddy" in the boxes we used to make a cross. I was quite impressed in his ability to write Daddy!

 Lots and lots of "F"s. The line at the bottom and off to the right and free form Fs.
Snack time even involves a bit of learning! Here we are using fish snacks to measure our fish.
 Puzzles and graphs. This is another activity the the boys love to switch. Ace is learning the concept of counting but hasn't moved to the graphing part yet. Rookie did very well with his puzzle and figuring out the picture without seeing it before.

 Pre-writing practice. Ace asks AGAIN to do what Rookie is doing. I don't force him to participate at all, but I'm glad he has an interest.

Finally, reading. I found Rookie with Fernando pretending to read the words....BUT, with what we found out about him reading words we didn't know he knew makes us wonder how much reading he IS doing!

I forgot to take a picture of our end of the week board, but it was full! We took a break last week because I was out of town Tuesday through Thursday, but we will be working on the Letter "E" this week!

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Shellie said...

I love reading about your homeschooling adventures! The curriculum is great! I have seen before but seeing someone put it to practice is even better. Keep us posted!