Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ready, Set, Homeschool!

 Our summer has been eventful and jam packed. We have continued to homeschool amidst the added challenges to our schedule. So, our plan is to keep going!

It seems that I missed "Curriculum Week" in the blog world, so I will give our game plan now.

Rookie is 5 years old. His "curriculum" will continue to be:
- "Raising Rock Stars Preschool" (RRSP) by 1+1+1=1 interlaced with...
- "Letter of the Week" (LOTW) by Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Along with these foundational programs, we will be continuing to use:
- Handwriting without Tears,
- Child's 1st sight word cards, and
- We Choose Virtues.
- Right Start Math  is the math program that I would like to begin once we begin our Kindergarten curriculum. 

***We have completed "L, F, E, P, and B" so far and will continue through the rest of the alphabet according to the suggested sequence of Handwriting without Tears. These are on the easier side for him, which is perfect for us because we want to be able to focus more heavily on his INP Program through Little Giant Steps. We will move to "Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten" (RRSK) interlaced with "K4" by Confessions of a Homeschooler once our Preschool is finished.

Ace is 3 and will be enrolled in a Mother's Day Out program twice a week after Labor Day. He has been engaged in our summer curriculum with Rookie and will continue the days that he is home with us. His "curriculum" will be:
- "Raising Rock Stars Preschool" (RRSP) by 1+1+1=1 (just learning the memory verse)
- "Tot School" printables by  1+1+1=1.

Along with these foundational programs, we will be using:
- Handwriting without Tears (already showing interest in the chalkboard & writing letters) and
- We Choose Virtues. 

***Most of the Tot School printables are easy for him, but FUN, so we will continue to offer those options to him and allow him to do the LOTW activities if he asks. When Rookie starts RRSK, Ace will most likely begin RRSP and fully providing the LOTW. 

Ladybug will be 14 months when school starts and she is into EVERYTHING. My plan is to keep her busy and out of the boys' stuff. That will be a challenge.

The main focus for us for the next year is really Rookie's INP Program. School really comes secondary because it is more important for us to develop his foundation. Once we can solidify that, the rest should come rather quickly. He is already showing so much intelligence in reading that it is a little frustrating for me that we have to slow down since his speech doesn't allow him to accelerate in that area.

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Shellie said...

I am very behind on posts! Ha! So neat to see what everyone is doing.