Monday, October 29, 2012

HomeSchool - Letter M & N

Rookie (5 yrs old)

Ace (40 mos)
Ladybug (15 mos)

So, if you've been wondering, YES, we've still been having school around here. We have had to compromise for my health challenges. We were also preparing for a week of Grandmommy being in town as well as preparing for a huge clothing sale. Needless to say, school was hit or miss. Luckily, the beauty of homeschooling allowed us to already begin our letter during the summer, so we are able to modify our schedule now. Here is a quick recap of two weeks where we focused on the letters M and N.

Letter sorting is always a fun activity. Letter "M" was especially fun this week because I pulled out candy M&Ms to sort by color. Then, of course, the boys were allowed to eat them.

Dot painting is still a favorite and making our own patterns and designs seems to be the most fun.
The poke page always kills two birds with one stone. I need a fine motor for Rookie's INP and this activity always fits the bill.

Letter "N" week was a bit of a challenge in writing. We had to really focus on the correct formation of the letter. Having this letter in his name helped give him more practice.

Scissor skills are improving and, as you can see, we are finding new ways to concentrate on the correct cutting. Michael Jordan would be proud.

Letter matching is always a favorite and very easy to do. I desperately need to make another set of letters, though. We had to skip this one for "M" week because I only had one "m" to use!
I love our memory verses and Rookie loves to point to them now as we, or actually I, sing it. Rookie is getting better at it every week. I'm hoping to really hear him sing them in the near future.
Finally, our baby animals and cars always have a great time learning letter formation too!

It seems that I forgot to take a before AND after picture of our walls both weeks. We were so preoccupied with everything else that was going on that I put everything away before I realized I had forgotten to document it. Well, hopefully the next week will be a better representation.

We have only accomplished these two letters this month. We left for our FIRST family vacation and left school at home. I will be sharing that week of fun soon!

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