Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Pictures

So, one of the first things on the agenda when we arrived in Indy was to meet up with Jennifer Conrad (a high school friend and budding photographer!) for our family pictures. I was glad that we were able to have them done on Monday after we got there. The sooner the better. I had absolutely NO IDEA what we were going to wear and I really just hoped it would come together after we arrived. Well, Rookie had the perfect sweater with a good combination of colors (red, brown, black, white). I alread had a white sweater and my mom had a dress for Ladybug. So, the shopping was on and I scored some adorable boots for Ladybug at Kohl's along with my necklace and Robby's brown sweater. We found a red sweater for Ace at Target and then I decided to borrow my mom's black boots. DONE! I made some hairclips for Kendall since that is the only thing she will keep in her hair nowadays. Voila! We are ready! Now we just need to drag the couch into the yard! HA! Thanks to my parents, their couch was a perfect setting and the weather was absolutely gorgeous that day!

Jennifer did a great job of capturing our family and I am excited to get a canvas done of our family shot for the house.  The kids were a zoo to wrangle, but we were able to slow them down for a few seconds. If you ever wonder what it looks like in between the cutesy family shots with the "oh so well behaved" kids and you wish you had kids like that, well, just look at some of these in between shots and just sigh knowing you are not alone!

 Now, we did have some help keeping the kids focused with some craziness behind the camera thanks to my parents, Grandmommy and Grandpapa. I wish I could have them on staff for all MY photoshoots!

In the end, we got some great family shots. I always take the shots in whatever form they come. Though I DO want a good picture of all the kids, the pictures will always be a reminder of the stage that they are at. Rookie is our wildcard and has been in a phase of sticking his tongue out, though he did a good job cooperating this round. Ace wants to do something different and special from everyone, which is why he is sitting on the arm and Ladybug, well, she just HAS to be sitting next to me.

There it is ladies and gentlemen. My family and I love every one of them to the moon and back!

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