Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween FUN!

I am trying to find some order lately and get my groove back. I have a feeling this will be a constant struggle. So much to do and certainly not enough time in the day to even remotely accomplish it all. So, I apologize for not staying current. A LOT has happened to us which is evident of my absence on our family blog. Alas, I WILL catch you up.

Ah yes, Halloween. I have been lucky enough to have a family that just complies with my themes. Ace may be the child that starts to choose his costume in the near future, but so far, everyone has embraced my themes each year. It is always a challenge to find a theme that fits our family dynamic. This year was no exception. 3 males and 2 females does not give many options, but I decided on a VERY EASY classic! Our family went on a 3-hour tour and became stranded on a desert island! Yes, we dressed as Gilligan's Island.




We attended our church's Pumpkin Patch for the festivities and the kids were dressed perfectly to run around and have fun without fighting crazy costume attire. Halloween night, one of our favorite restaurants was promoting FREE kid meals if they came dressed up, so we altered Rookie's outfit and took them for FREE dinner before we headed home to greet the trick or treaters. 

I kept the theme going by fixing the kids pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and stamped a pumpkin on top. They got a kick out the day's theme. 


We have always stayed home on Halloween Night to greet trick or treaters at the door and use it as a fun outreach for the kids. They have so much fun greeting them at the door and handing out our Halloween Treats. Last year we explained to Ace that the doorbell would ring and then there would be trick or treaters. By the end of the evening he was saying Ding Dong, Trick or Treat!" In between the ringing of the doorbell, the kids watch Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin Movie. This year, we fixed the kids popcorn to eat while the waited for "Ding Dong, Trick or Treat"

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