Monday, November 12, 2012


We have always been adamant about informing our kids of dangers. When Rookie was a little less than two years old he pulled my flat iron off the counter onto his arm. That was a tearful day for mommy and son. As careful as we have tried to be, kids don't always truly understand the dangers that you are trying to prevent them from. We are a family that cooks....A LOT! So, the kitchen is one of those places that we really try to keep the kids out of when we are fixing any meal. Toys are not allowed to be in there so that we are not tripping over them and so the kids are not distracted by their playing and walk into a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, not all precautions keep our little ones from getting hurt.

This particular evening the boys and I were at an event at the church and Ladybug was getting to spend some one on one time with Daddy. They were going to enjoy pizza and Robby had the dinner cooking in the stove. He reminded her many times that the oven was hot and as always, she responds in saying and signing the word "hot". Keeping her away from the oven, Daddy removed the pizza from the stove. As he closed the door, he noticed Ladybug standing next to him and he reminded her again of the hot stove. He began to cut the pizza when he realized that she had slipped her hand in the door as he had closed it. Quickly removing her hand and putting it in cold water, the damage had been done. Our sweet girl had second degree burns on the inside of her four fingers on every pad. Robby kept her hands in a pot of cold water to help the burn, but on my arrival home, we decided I needed to take her to an urgent care. She cried the whole way there and crashed out just as I pulled in. I had given her a bit of tylenol before I left, so with the combination of the trauma, she was crashed out the whole time they took care of her hand...draining and bandaging it.

I think she will understand "hot" a bit better now. She seems to keep her distance from the oven and remind us "hot" every time she is near it. Now our challenge is to keep it wrapped to heal. Rookie's arm was a bit easier to do that with. We are just praying for quick healing!

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