Monday, February 25, 2008

No more pearly nothings

Yesterday we had the first sign of a tooth! Yes, a sharp little object at the bottom of Rylen's gums. Nothing to be able to truly see, but you can definitely feel it. In fact, Robby felt it and he hasn't been able to feel anything like that so far. I could at least feel the bumps as they started to make their way up. So, it looks like his first tooth is coming in right here at about eight mos of age and his slight crankiness and very hard biting confirmed our wonderings!

Just a thought to pondor: I always think about how amazing the body is and how God created such details. Some details seem so minor and worthless and i wonder why God created it that way. Here we are on the subject of Rylen's first tooth and I wonder... why do we get a primary set of teeth before the real ones? ...and why do they have to be painful to come in? What purpose does the pain have? Does it teach us to chew, to bite? Things that make you go... Hmmmmm.... (blast from the past!HA!)

Just a thought.

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