Monday, February 18, 2008

Robbins Christmas

Yes, I know it is February, but we finally got to have Christmas with Robby's side of the family. We traveled to Navasota/College Station on Saturday morning to spend the day with Robby's Mom and his Papa (Robby's grandfather)

Rylen quickly took to his surroundings and was all smiles. Towards evening some storms came through and the lights went out. You could tell Rylen was puzzled to be playing by candlelight. When the lights came back on, we all sat together and opened presents.

Rylen was spoiled with gifts from his Granny and Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. He received song CDs, Books, A "talking" book, his first matchbox car, and Pop Links. Rylen is still having issues sleeping at night in the pack 'n play on trips and ended up in our bed so we all could finally get some sleep. Not too sure what the issue is. Sunday morning we all went to church and had lunch at Applebees (a very hard place to eat Vegan!)

Then we traveled to Billy & Linda's house in Navasota (Robby's brother) There we would get to see Rylen's new cousin D'Lynne (who is just a few weeks old), Cullen (in kindergarten),

and Papa (Robby's Dad). Debbie wasn't able to come because of work (we missed her!)

Rylen was once again SPOILED! He received tons of clothes & shoes and his first "computer".

But i think Rylen's favorite part of the visit was his cousin Cullen.

Every time Cullen spoke or looked in Rylen's direction, he just giggled and giggled. It was too cute! We came back home Sunday night and it was good to be back. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, we're finally DONE!

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Tanya said...

You are sweet to check out my blog. I guess now you know what my daughter, Mia, looks like, since we had talked about bi-racial babies/asian babies. I really like the elf/present picture you posted...we shall see how things go with having two little ones! I am going to be induced in 11 days, so I am anxious to have this baby out, but then I realize how little sleep I will be getting, so it's bitter sweet! Hope all is going well with you, and I bet we are all anxious to see when Nancy and Christopher's little baby will grace us with his/her presence!