Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had a nice and relaxing weekend. We decided that we were not going to travel this Easter. The weekend was for our family. It was so nice to be home that I actually forgot Easter festivities on Sunday morning! I had planned to put Rylen's 1st Easter basket outside his door as i remembered Easter growing up. Well, i completely spaced it. I'm glad he is too young to know any better.

We headed to church and Rylen got to have his picture taken with the Easter bunny and go on an egg hunt before service. We took a family picture, which is always hard to get his attention when one of us isn't behind the camera. But we were all sporting our pastels to ring in this holiday and the picture turned out pretty well.

Rylen did beautifully in service and fell asleep with little effort so we both were able to enjoy the whole service. They had the Jesus Painter before communion and it was simply amazing. He starts painting with hands and brushes and creates a cross on the hill, then a large cross, then a tomb and as he begins to fill everything in, it becomes Christ. He painted all of these while we sang about 6 songs. So amazing.

When we returned home, Rylen got his Easter basket and then took a nap. We decided to take a drive to Waller to get local honey when he woke up. It was a nice day to take a drive and enjoy the cool weather. We also discovered that Rylen was getting his third tooth (the 1st tooth on the top) which explains why I kept having to pull his hand out of his mouth for pictures all day long.

Once home, I took some final Easter pictures of Rylen and then off to bed he went... and we followed soon after.

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dorin said...

What a beautiful family! Glad to hear that Rylen had a fun first Easter:)