Saturday, March 22, 2008

No rest for the weary

Did I mention that I was in no hurry for Rylen to start crawling? Did he listen to me? Of course not. His goal in life is to excel and our little Rylen is doing just that. We are definitely proud of all of his achievements and praise him everytime, but let's see, the cat's bowl has now been moved to higher ground, the bottom of the stairs have become a prime action spot, the rocking ottoman to our glider has become an interesting and quite dangerous challenge, and the bouncy seat is no longer used for bouncing, but to pull up on. If I'm in the kitchen, the pitter patter of little hands and knees come flying onto the tile... then for some reason he changes to a bear crawl with socks slipping and sliding... too hilarious. We are in desperate need of getting gates for the stairs as just today he made the discovery of how to crawl to the next step. He learns so quickly!

While upstairs, he plays for only moments before tearing down the hallway, or crawling to my chair which has a metal piece on it that is prime to poke or scratch his little head. So, no work for me until naptime! His little body is a mile a minute even when I am on the floor playing with him. Crawling on me, over me, moving the feet, the hands, twisting to look left and then right, plopping down on the floor, grunting to pull back up, screeching (yes, he is still doing this!), constantly "talking" and back to the beginning again. It wears me out just to say it. He is simply a ball full of eternal energy. Needless to say, when Robby gets home, I am as excited as Rylen. I absolutely DO LOVE this stage and his personality and activity, but I just might have to start implementing a nap or an earlier bedtime. Whew!

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