Monday, March 10, 2008

New Braunfels Weekend

What a weekend! Rylen and i have been on the move since March 1st and we are ready to be home for a while! After we got home from Austin for the birth of Brooklyn, we had two days to relax and then repack for Traveling Light's annual hill training ride in New Braunfels, TX. So, Friday morning, we once again packed up the SUV and this time, the three of us headed out to the hill country. We stayed at TBarM, a conference center and resort, where Robby's sister Michelle works.

Saturday morning, we met the riders out front for a very chilly morning start (32 degrees!) Rylen got to wear his mittens for the first time. When the riders left we headed back to the room and hung out there with Carrie's son Jake until Rylen had his first nap. We then headed for the playground for about an hour until it was time to set up for lunch. Michelle, Joel, Jess, Kai and Granny met us at lunchtime when the riders returned and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch with a bit warmer weather (68 degrees).

The wind was blowing and I didn't realize that Rylen was getting as much sun as he was. When we got back inside, Rylen's "cold red nose" turned into a bit of sun on his cheeks as well. So, we put on some aloe to make sure that it didn't get worse. Saturday evening we went to a restaurant with family and both Rylen and Kai took a taste of a lime. Kai seemed to enjoy the tanginess while Rylen made the worst face i've ever seen and coughed. Not his favorite food i assume. Back at their house, Rylen watched Kai's mastery of crawling and pulling up. We think that it worked, because the next day, while in Austin, Rylen was really making a lot of movement forward with his crawling.

Sunday morning we drove on into Austin so that Robby could see Brooklyn for the first time and Rylen could see his grandpa.

I also realized that Brooklyn had the same yellow sleeper that Rylen had, so on this visit I brought Rylen's and we took a photo shoot with the two of them dressed the same. Rylen was very concerned when Brooklyn would cry. I believe he was also trying to show her what to do when she is upset.

"It's ok Brooklyn. Just stick this hand in your mouth, like this... or you can use the pacifier too. That works pretty well."

I think we ended up with a pretty good cousin pic for the books!
After the whirlwind, it was time to head home and hopefully not be traveling again for a while.

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