Monday, March 10, 2008


As usual, Rylen goes down for a nap and I head to the office to do some work. One and a half hours go by and I am happy that Rylen is getting a good nap and I am getting a lot of work done. I hear him stir and know that he will play in his crib for a bit before he gets fussy. I finish up a few things and hear him give a small cry, so i head to his room to turn off the fan and open the blinds... the couple of things I always do to "end nap time". As i head into his room I am greeted with a huge mischievous smile... SURPRISE! Rylen has pulled up on the side of the bed! He thought it was quite funny and just giggled as my jaw dropped to the floor. I think it is finally time to move his bed down to a lower notch.


Christopher, Nancy Lynn & Brooklynn said...

He needs a sibling to teach him how to get out! ;)

RK&R said...

I guess he'll have to settle for a visit from his Uncle Christopher!