Sunday, May 4, 2008

10th Month

I just realized today that I had totally spaced on Rylen's 10 month update. So, the pictures will be coming soon (picture link NOW AVAILABLE!). For now, here is what is happening in our family. Rylen has been standing on his feet and balancing for an extended period of time. He definitely desires to take that first step, but that balance hasn't come yet. He just cruises around the house holding on to whatever he can get his hands on.

We are still working with the 6th tooth. His pediatrician documented him having 5.5 teeth. I had his 9 month appointment with the ped a bit late, approximately a week ago. They weighed him at 17lbs 10oz, 26.25 inches tall, and 17.2 inches head circum. All stats were in the 10th percentile, so he is still following his growth curve from birth. Rylen is doing all the things a 10 month old should be doing and has even started to use his "g"s and "d"s in saying "ga ga" and "da". Robby will probably have his son saying "dada" before father's day.

As for the rest of us. I am still struggling with the small aches and pains of my arthritis, but continue to see little improvements. Robby and I both do feel the craving of meat on occasion. Mostly when we are hungry or we pass the BarBQ place on 1960. We have made a few new recipes that we have really enjoyed. Maybe I'll start a link of recipes that we have liked for you all to have access to if you'd like. We are also in the final stretch of getting a replacement vehicle for the Explorer that was totaled at the beginning of April. Please keep that in your prayers. It has been an interesting experience looking for a car with a 9-10 month old.

Well, this past month has included a lot of new experiences with Rylen from his first MS150 event to his first picture in the bluebonnets. We will continue to try and keep you all up to date as our little man continues to grow.

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