Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there! This was my first one and it was a little emotional. The Mother's Day sermon hit more of a chord with me this year since I was able to relate a lot more to the feelings of responsibility.

The day started out with a surprise in our backyard... a turtle. Rylen was very interested in the new pet. We let him check it out and then took it back to the pond at the back of our neighborhood.

Robby's mom was able to come back with us from Navasota Saturday night and go to church with us Sunday morning. So, Robby was able to see his mom on Mother's Day. Our Church's baby dedication was this Sunday as well, so we were able to dedicate Rylen and he received his first bible. It is light blue with "Rylen Jaric" printed on the front in silver. Very nice. I received flowers and a wonderful card from Robby. Rylen gave me a card as well with his name signed at the bottom.

After Church we took Robby's mom home and drove on up to Brenham to Nancy's Parents. Christopher, Nancy, Brooklynn, as well as my mom and dad were driving there so we all could spend some time together. We took a "mom and kids" picture. So, everyone got to see their mom's yesterday and my dad was able to play and see Rylen.

It was the perfect First Mother's Day.

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