Monday, May 12, 2008

Ruby Mozelle Robbins 1917-2008

Robby's "Grandma" Robbins passed on to see our Lord this past week before Mother's Day. We had a whirlwind weekend driving up to Groesbeck, Tx (Near Waco) on Friday for the viewing, a stop at his Aunt Delores' House for dinner, and then the funeral on Saturday afternoon.

We stayed with Robby's great Aunt Nell (Mozelle's sister) and Uncle Jack (in Oletha, Tx). They were quite the hostesses feeding us biscuits and sausage for breakfast(which we could only splurge and eat the biscuits, but it sure did smell good!). The weekend was a little rough for Rylen being in new places and getting to bed late, but he made it through with only minor whines and mostly smiles.

I only met Mozelle three times. Once before we got married, the second at the wedding, and the last time to bring Rylen to see her at Christmas. Robby has told me so many stories about her and we have used her famous seasoning blend on many occassions. She lived to be 91 years old and started to paint in the last 20 years. We found out this weekend that she painted the scene in the baptistry at the church she attended in
Kosse, Tx.

She was a great testimony to her family and friends of what it is like to live the life of a Christian.

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darrin365 said...

I ran across your blog by accident, but wanted to say it was very nice to meet you last weekend, though the circumstances weren't ideal.

That's me in the yellow shirt. Happily, you did not get me looking at the camera. I was exhausted and about to fall over. Long drive from TN. :-)